Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will the ordinance prevent hotels from being developed in Seattle?

A. No. The ordinance requires new hotel development to meet the Living Building Challenge standard, or work with the city and make demonstrable and enforceable commitments on the project environmental and human impacts. Either way, it’s a win for everyone.

Q. Will the ordinance push hotel development out of the city?

A. No. A city like Seattle has a large share of business and tourism visitors that come here as a final or intermediate destination and will always drive local demand for room nights.

Q. Why hotels?

A. Hotels and the tourism industry have an outsized carbon impact. The Living Hotels ordinance aims to make the Seattle hotel industry a leader in addressing climate impact that can usher in a new era of climate focused tourism and future-proof Seattle’s travel and tourism.

Q. Has this been done anywhere before?

A. Yes, right here. The City of Seattle has instituted a LBC pilot program that has been in place for years.